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What really turns me on? Creating intelligent reads that really get under the skin of a place and captivate the reader with unique insight, original details, luminous characters and dazzling imagery. By collaborating and thinking big and beautiful every step of the way, my stories deliver a brilliant visual journey that is only enhanced by the twists and turns of compelling original content.

As a contributor to vibrant lifestyle and adventure brands such as PARADISE, GENTRY MAGAZINE, SOUTHBAY Magazine, VENTURA BLVD and GOLDEN STATE, my epic journeys have included luxury experiences, wildlife encounters and outdoor adventures in the United States as well as Asia, Africa, Europe, North America and South America. That includes diving deep into the exotic beauty of the natural world while exploring philanthropy, conservation and community engagement in a way that is entertaining and impactful to readers.

Through my unique lens as a thoughtful and adventurous American Global Citizen, I aim to inspire bold readers to engage in world’s most extraordinary experiences and exciting destinations in their own unique way. Enjoy these featured editorials below and contact me should you have another meaningful story to share.

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Impact + Travel = Pure Adventure

Rather than a writer plugged into just one destination, my specific postgraduate and professional experience makes me a vivid storyteller and passionate advocate of impact-driven travel. With more than 25 years and 30 countries under my belt, my stories radiate today with specialized experience and natural enthusiasm for travel and its critical economic and social connection to local communities, wildlife and the environment. In 2021, I plan to be on the front lines of tourism’s COVID-19 recovery in destinations around the world where local communities and wildlife conservation will continue to need travelers and tourism dollars the most.

After volunteering at the age of 16 on the island of Dominica during an extended visit, my lifelong obsession with thoughtful travel began. In 2011, I moved to London to earn a MA in Tourism, Environment & Development at King’s College London. From there, an enthusiasm for storytelling led to a successful career as a published impact travel writer and champion of the natural world. That includes long-form reads that dive deep into luxurious and heart pounding adventures that promote wildlife conservation and community engagement in a way that is entertaining and impactful to readers.

Today, my COVID-19 era certifications and credentials include: earning a Graduate Certificate in Wildlife Forensic Sciences and Conservation from the University of Florida; earning my Master Naturalist credentials in California and Idaho. More than just all eco-words and no action, my Revel Traveler digital destination continues to inform and inspire travelers to strengthen their legacy through travel that delivers solid social, economic and/or environmental impact.

My Location

Then and Now

Born in San Francisco and raised in the heart of Silicon Valley, I am a thoughtful American Global Citizen and writer who covers lifestyle in California and Mountain West including our love affair with travel and adventure. Nothing excites me more than international travel to exotic destinations where tourism’s ability to provide breathtaking outdoor adventures occurs in conjunction with positive community development and meaning wildlife conservation.

In 2016, my family’s appetite for epic outdoor action and wide-open spaces led to our splitting time between Truckee Tahoe and our newly adopted state of Idaho in the gorgeous Mountain West. We find the high-altitude lifestyle irresistible - wonderful people, fresh air, stunning views, epic biodiversity and plenty of outdoor action all year round. What’s not to love?



For thousands of years, Chinese philosophy has held that balance and vitality are in the result of five elements –WOOD, FIRE, EARTH, METAL, WATER - being in harmony. Good Feng Shui is about aligning the five elements and “qi” (energy) in a positive way in an effort to foster good luck, enhance well-being and improve any environment. As an intrepid traveler and thoughtful Global Citizen, my world expands far beyond any one space or place. Why not engage the five elements as I explore the world’s most exciting and breathtaking destinations?

Taking cues from this ancient art and wisdom, my passion project, the Revel Traveler, enthusiastically explores and embraces the presence of all five elements in the sum of my annual global travels. My goal? To lessen the strain on the most popular destinations and promote balance in my global travels throughout the year and lessen the strain of overtourism on the world’s most precious and popular destinations. I don’t claim to be an expert, merely a tourism and environment academic and enthusiast on an experimental and electrifying journey.